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The HQ Report Fall/Winter 2019

“With the changing seasons, and heading into the year 2020, much like a vigneron must thin the fruit on the vine for greater concentration in the wine, our company must focus our efforts on the most rewarding and successful partnerships.”

– Mark Gmur, CWE

Taking the time to re-evaluate our portfolio is important for our business. We are identifying our successes and our growth opportunities. Our business is moving from strength to strength but the only way to keep growing is to make sure that we are focused on balance and diversity of portfolio. We know the value of your time and want to make sure we are putting only the most relevant options on the table for consideration.

We are grateful to have been associated with many fantastic brands, but in the end, decisions focused on “less is more” will allow us to deliver more results. We would like to thank those partners who have worked with us in the past, and we wish them the best of success moving forward.

Even after we have thinned the book, we still maintain a very impressive array of wine selections. The MWG is blessed to still be working with 14 national wine partners who make up the Atlas & Heritage Collections, spanning wines from five continents, 14 countries, 150+ wineries and 600+ products.

Our long-term partnerships are our pride and joy. We represent the world’s leading sparkling wine company – Freixenet Mionetto USA, who is our partner of almost eight years. Hess Family Wine Estates and O’Neill Vintners continue to flourish as we go into our sixth year of these partnerships. The Bogle Family and Fess Parker Family both partnered with us over a decade ago in 2008. Vintage Point partnered with us in 2011, and we are approaching a decade together.

The newer relationships of less than five years include Pacific Highway, K Vintners, King Estate, SakéOne, Cline, Louis Latour, and Sokol Blosser. We are so proud of these group of prestigious and important partners with whom we work daily to advance their presence in the channel, and we are going to charge forward in the years to come. Both our long-standing and newer relationships are our engines for growth for The Mark Wine Group.

To all our great partners – we raise a glass to the future. Salute!

Mark Gmur, CWE
Founder & Senior Vice President of Sales

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