ALTO VENTO EXPERIENCE ALTO VENTO Learn more about this exciting release

ALTO VENTO EXPERIENCE ALTO VENTO Learn more about this exciting release

“We are excited to introduce a new restaurant and hotel exclusive wine to the market – Alto Vento; an elegant and expressive Pinot Grigio that is true to its hillside and high altitude terroir.”

By Mark Gmur, CWE

The name Alto Vento, which means ‘High Wind’ in Italian, refers to the high altitude vineyards where the grapes come from. Made with 100% Pinot Grigio, this wine has been crafted exclusively from grapes grown in vineyards within the delle Venezie DOC region, which is also known as the ideal region for Pinot Grigio.

It has been produced by one of Mionetto’s long time grower partners; a traditional family owned producer of the past 400 years, so getting a wine of this character and authenticity at the price on offer, is an outstanding value. It is crafted and artisanal in nature, a high quality “boutique” Pinot Grigio has unique character and finesse.


What makes this wine special? Location, location, location! I mentioned the terroir, it is indeed unique. Warm air from the Adriatic on the hillside vineyards are offset by the cool nighttime breezes, otherwise known as the “Alto Vento”, permits consistent ripening of the grapes, resulting in elegant aromatics and concentration of fruit.

Straw yellow in color, citrus, jasmine and white peach notes abound on the nose, while on the palate, you will find refreshing white peach and flowers, with a crisp long finish. It is a delicious sipping wine, or aperitif on its own, and can easily be paired with any variety of appetizers, salads, fresh seafood, white meats and grilled vegetables. Enjoy well chilled.

Alto Vento is now a member of Mionetto’s diverse portfolio of luxury wines sold here in the United States, alongside well regarded international industry icon wineries such as Castello di Monsanto, Capezzana, Schloss Johannisberg, and Pertinace.

What makes Alto Vento’s proposition even more intriguing, is that it is sold exclusively in restaurants and hotels. You will not find this wine in any retail store, anywhere. In fact, Alto Vento was developed specifically to offer to the On-Premise National Account channel arena.

And finally, we need to mention the best part, Alto Vento Pinot Grigio is very competitively priced to move.

If poured by the glass, the wine is offered to you at $7.75/bottle national average.

We hope you enjoy pouring this special wine for your guests for years to come. Saluti!