The Original Cool, The Palm

The reputation of the Steakhouse as a whole is one that has always leaned a little older, more establishment and of a certain status. Typically, a place of celebration, whether it’s a graduation, a birthday, anniversary or work party. Prime steak has often been thought of as a luxury item and a steakhouse a status […]

Cami Lehmann, Maggiano’s Director of Marketing

If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching the 1996 film “Big Night,” you definitely need to, and if you have, yes, it is the inspiration for this new segment in The Mark Wine News. Set on the New Jersey Shore in the 1950’s, the highly acclaimed film was nominated for the “Grand Jury Prize” […]

Dave Mattern, Managing Partner & Beverage Director, Truluck’s

Truluck’s, Managing Partner & Beverage Director, Dave Mattern In this second installment of “Finding Vino,” we talk with Dave Mattern, Truluck’s Managing Partner & Beverage Director, about their Stone Crab of course, and what wines to drink with it, but also about how they are responding to Covid-19. Truluck’s was founded in Texas in 1992 […]