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Tylor Field III

VP of Wine & Spirits


Dana Pellicano

VP of Food & Beverage


Sean DiCicco

Senior VP of Food & Beverage


Marcus Voglrieder

Beverage Director


James Hamilton

Sr. Vice President & COO


Hogwash, World Class California Rose

Born from Goodness By Lisa Gmur, CSW Hogwash was born at a charity event in Atlanta back in 2008. As the story goes, the chef

ClubCorp, Senior VP of F&B, Sean DiCicco

Sean DiCiccoSenior VP of Food & Beverage “Traveling Man”Senior VP of Food & Beverage, Sean DiCiccoInterview By Lisa Gmur, CSW When Robert H. Dedman founded

Le Grand Courtage Tawnya Falkner

“The Great Courtship” Interview By Lisa Gmur, CSW Last year, French “affordable luxury” bubbles sensation, Le Grand Courtâge, formed a national partnership with our national

Truth Be Told; In Vino Veritas

“In Vino Veritas” Interview By Lisa Gmur, CSW What happens when you bring two great wineries from two very different wine regions together to make

Introducing Frida Kahlo; The Wine

Introducing Frida KahloThe Wine By Lisa Gmur, CSW Frida Kahlo is considered one of Mexico’s greatest artists to have ever lived. While it’s been 67