Lazy Dog Restaurant, Director of Bar Strategy & Marketing, Laura LaVigne

Laura LaVigneDirector of Bar Strategy & Marketing Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar Interview By Lisa Gmur, CSW Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar is an American casual dining restaurant chain that operates 42 restaurants across eight states including California, Florida, Nevada, Texas, Colorado, Illinois, Georgia and Virginia. There are also more on the way.  The extensive […]

Marriott International, Vice President Food & Beverage, Dana Pellicano

Dana PellicanoVice President of Food & BeverageMarriott International Interview By Lisa Gmur, CSW It all began with an A&W root beer stand. A fact I didn’t know, until now. That’s how Marriott founder J. Willard Marriott and his wife, Alice, got their young business off the ground; by quenching people’s thirst during Washington D.C.’s hot, […]

ClubCorp, Senior VP of F&B, Sean DiCicco

Sean DiCiccoSenior VP of Food & Beverage “Traveling Man”Senior VP of Food & Beverage, Sean DiCiccoInterview By Lisa Gmur, CSW When Robert H. Dedman founded ClubCorp in 1957, he had a vision; to create private clubs where everyone is welcome, regardless of age, race, religion, or background. And he did just that. Dedman died in […]

Nobu’s, Beverage Director, Marcus Voglrieder

Marcus Voglrieder, Nobu’s Beverage Director “Easy Rider”Nobu’s Beverage Director, Marcus VoglriederInterview By Lisa Gmur, CSW Just hearing, saying or even writing the word “Nobu” and my mouth starts watering. The fusion cuisine, blending traditional Japanese cuisine with Peruvian ingredients, developed by Nobuyuki “Nobu” Matsuhisa is in a playing field all its own. With restaurants in […]

René Van Camp Director Delta Sky Club

VOLUME 11.1 UNCORKED “GLOBETROTTER” Having never been to the Netherlands, (it’s on my bucket) I am especially intrigued when I learn that Delta Sky Club Director, Rene Van Camp is from there. “I grew up in a small town called Oisterwijk with eighteen thousand inhabitants,” he says. “It was a great place close to the […]